How should I start a small business?

made on 2-14-2021

This is my 1st post!

If you are reading this you are probably wondering if and how you should start a small business. I am going to help you with that decision today.

If you are just a kid or even an adult you can start a small business! All you need is an idea and some other stuff we will talk about later. Starting a business is a great idea but don’t immediately quit your job or school for starting a business. You will first need to start out small, if you think your business is becoming a good source of money then maybe you can quit your job for your business to be your new source of money. Just know that sometimes our business might backfire so it is a good idea to have some other plan if it doesn’t work out well.

How should I start off?

When you are starting out make sure to know that your idea won’t always work out amazingly and you won’t be making an abundance of money on just one day. You will first need and idea like a sticker shop. Then you will have to ask yourself some questions:

Do I think I can do this?

How do my prices compare to other businesses that sell the same product?

What makes my products unique?

If you answered yes to those questions that’s great!!! If you answered no you will still be able to sell your product but answering yes to those questions makes it more attractive to customers.

What supplies will I need?

I can’t really answer what supplies you will need because that is dependent on your business, but make sure you have some supplies and are ready for making the product.

Tip: don’t start off by ordering your supplies in bulk because your business may not work out that great so I suggest starting small.

How will I advertise my business?

A great way to get people to notice your shop is social media. Try making accounts if you don’t have an account already and try to post a preview of your product.

Ex: tiktok, instagram, facebook etc…

Another great way to advertise your business is Youtube. Make a Youtube account and post some videos about your business and products for people to see. Also try to get some of your customers/friends/family to spread the word about your business to their friends, family, colleagues, etc.. I also recommend that you ask your customers or maybe even your family if you don’t have customers to give a review about your business this is a great way of advertising because reviews make people more likely to trust that your business is not a scam.


Selling is a hard part of business and is the part where most people mess up. I suggest to start selling locally like in your community or neighborhood. When you are selling locally make sure to tell your customers to spread the word to others and make sure to tell them about your website if you have one. Once you start selling locally think about starting a website where people all over the world can purchase. You can even try selling your products on Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc…


Make sure you are making profits. This means if you paid 5 dollars for sticker paper and you only made 3 dollars you are not making profits. Make sure when you are pricing your products you sell them at a reasonable price like if you made 10 stickers with sticker paper that cost 5 dollars (or whatever currency you use) and printed it at a store for 1 dollar a page and you only printed one page, you should probably sell one sticker for around 2 or 3 dollars that way if you sell all 10 stickers you will be making profit since the price for the supplies was only 6 dollars.

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