Tablet wallpapers!


Here are some tablet wallpapers that I made and I would like to share them

*You may notice that some of these are in different formatting, but both will fit on your tablet*

*If you want to find seasonal wallpapers look in my Seasonal/Holiday wallpapers page. It has computer, tablet, and phone wallpapers*

Here are the steps to downloading them:

  • click image and click open in new tab
  • click save image as and select a place to save it
  • set as wallpaper
  • enjoy!

Do it wallpaper ( 2-27-2021)

Yellow blues ( 3-3-2021)

Good morning sunshine! (3-3-2021)

June calendar 2021! 5-18-2021

Bloom- 6-21-2021

Be happy- 6-26-2021

Hello Sunshine- 6-26-2021

I will be adding more soon, so stay tuned!!

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