Funny story…(kind of)

made on 4-9-2021

Hey there I’m back! You may have noticed that the homepage changed a bit. If you didn’t feel free to check it out whenever you want to! Let’s just get into the story!


This all started out earlier yesterday (4-8-2021).. I was making a few minor changes to my website (I won’t go that far into it because I don’t want to bore you with the changes I wanted to make!) I wanted to fix a small thing which was bothering me. I changed the whole theme of my website, and it seemed as if everything was still there in perfect shape! I was wrong!! As soon as I refreshed the page, everything on my homepage was gone! (Luckily only pictures and other things were gone, no blog posts or anything on my other pages were deleted.) I was very upset even though no posts were deleted, everything on my homepage was gone. I was not going to let that slide because I had spent hours and hours doing things to my homepage, and getting it just the way I liked! Plus the homepage is the thing that makes readers interested in your website, and now that mine was blank it would look very boring to visitors. I tried very hard to go back but nothing was working, I realized that I had to start from scratch!

What I did

Obviously I was very bummed that I had to remake my entire homepage, but there was no way to go back and restore everything, so here’s what I did. I realized I was very lucky that no blog posts or designs were erased, because I have not saved them to my computer, which I will try to do in the future πŸ™‚ My homepage was entirely wiped out, like I have said MANY times! I realized I should stop whining about it and do something. So I tried to redo everything like I did previously from memory! I had to add a subscribe button, pictures, a review form, and pizazz because no one likes boring home pages. I started working on it and added everything back in again, it took me about 35 minutes! I was so relived that I had fixed everything! I hope that if you are new to having a website or blogging, try to remember everything you did just incase.. I also recommend saving your posts to your device!!

Anyways, I hope you guys learned something from my mistake! I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment ( if you want to) I love hearing from you! Please consider subscribing (it’s free) Thank you so much for reading this post! Bye catch you later!

3 thoughts on “Funny story…(kind of)

  1. I would indeed be very confused if my homepage disappeared!πŸ˜… You’re a sport! It’s good that you didn’t quit and you continued.


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