How to make an effective studying schedule!

Made on 4-12-2021

Hey there! Today I am going to be talking about how to make an effective studying schedule. I know that for an extensive amount of people next month (I am assuming) is packed with finals, AP exams, and other forms of testing, so if you need to motivate yourself to study here’s the place! I myself have final exams next month, and I like to start studying at least one month before. Here are some ways I like to make a studying schedule that keeps me on track.

There are 3 steps on effective studying and in this post I will show you them and what they do for your studying.

Step number 1: Making a schedule!

Here are some methods on how to make your schedule:

Method number 1: Planning!

This first method is planning. For this method you take a planner ( or something else, it can be whatever you want) and mark down the days you want to study something. For example I could put in my planner to study for math and physics on a Wednesday. This is a very successful method in my opinion, because you are planning for the future in an organized way!

Method number 2: Reminders!

This is another great method for setting a schedule for studying. This method is very simple to do! All you have to do is take one of your devices ( phone, tablet, computer, etc..) and set alarms everyday for a specific time ( we will go more in depth about the time you pick in step 2) you want to study at. If you have an apple device I recommend using the built in app Reminders, or the clock app (to set an alarm, go to the Clock app, press the + button, set your alarm and click save). If you have android device, I suggest that you either set alarms on google calendar or go to your clock app (to set an alarm press the + button on the bottom right, set your alarm and click save). When I do this I make sure my alerts are loud so that I will hear it and remember to study!

That is it for methods of setting a study schedule. Let’s move on to the next step: Time!

Step number 2: Time!

Now that you have made your schedule, you might be asking yourself, when will I find the time to do this? You have to find time at which you are available. Studying in the morning or evening is best, your brain will retain the information much better. Now you will probably have a follow up question: ” How long should I study one subject?” The answer to that is actually however long you want. I do have some suggestions and advice from personal experience. I normally never study longer that 1 hour IN A ROW. I like to break up studying into 30 minutes then take a break, and study again for 30 minutes. In my opinion studying for more that 3 hours in a day is way to strenuous, and you will probably be so bored that you won’t retain any of the information you studied. In summary of that, I recommend studying less than 3 hours a day, and taking breaks every 30 minutes.

Step number 3: Execution of your plan!

This is the final step! This step is simple, follow your schedule, time, and get good results!

Thanks for reading this post! Make sure to subscribe for more content like this, it’s free! I hope this actually helped you make a study schedule and follow your plan! I’ll catch you later!

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