My travels pt 1- Hawaii!

written on 4-17-2021

Hey there it’s me again and I’m back with a travel post! I have been having a bit of writer’s block, and this idea was amazing. I hope to make this a series because I think travel is very fascinating. With all of that being said, let’s get into it!

My travels to Hawaii!

I went to Hawaii around a year ago (2020) when corona virus was not that big. I went there with my mom, dad, and sister, it was amazing. We stayed in an Airbnb house with a view of the ocean. We were staying on the island of O’ahu ( the main island where the state capital Honolulu is ). We went there in March for around 5 days. It was kind of a gift for my mom’s birthday, she loved it! One thing I regret from the trip is, I wish that we had went to the beach more often, since it was spring time the weather and the beach was amazing! Something that I learned on my trip there was that it rains every single day! I love the rain because where I live, we don’t get it a lot. That is a somewhat summary/backstory to my trip, now let’s actually talk about what we did.

Day 1: Boring day

Hawaii is behind all of the USA in time. Hawaii is 1 hour behind alaskan time, 2 hours behind pacific, 3 hours behind mountain time, 4 hours behind central, and 5 hours behind eastern. If you’re from one the united states you will probably be sleeping and waking up early. We arrived at the Honolulu national airport at around 3 am in Hawaiian time. There was a car rental place near the airport, so we took a bus and got there. We rented a car and drove to our airbnb house. We got unpacked our stuff and just relaxed. If I am remembering correctly we just played some games and watch some TV for the rest of the night.

Day 2: Bus tour!

The next day was a very fun day for me. My family and I went on a bus tour around the island. If you ever get the chance to do this, I would totally recommend it! On the bus tour we went to a bunch of cool places. We went to a farm ( they gave us free kona coffee which was really good), a mountain, a beach, the dole plantation ( the pineapple ice cream there is amazing) and more! After the bus tour, we went to a local mall : Ala Moana. We got some groceries and my dad tried poke for the first time! Poke is kind of like sushi but it’s not, it has vegetables, seafood, and is in a bowl rather than in roll form. We got home and relaxed, it was a pretty fun day.

Day 3 : Beach day #1

Day 3 was a very chill day. In the morning at around 7 Hawaiian time we went to the beach. We made sandcastles, played in the water and did fun activities. We stayed at the beach until around 2 pm. We then went and explored the island in our car. When we came back home we had dinner and slept.

Day 4: Polynesian cultural center

On the 4th day of our trip we went to the Polynesian cultural center. It was very informational and interesting there! It was split into 7 parts representing the 7 islands and their cultures. We were taught how to make an origami fish out of a leaf which I thought was very fun. There were several shows you could attend, and a bunch of kiosks and shops everywhere where you could buy souvenirs or food. I went to this kiosk where they were selling food, I got a strawberry nutella crepe which was delectable! In the night we watched the show ( we are still in the Polynesian cultural center) Ha the breath of life. Ha breath of life was a cool show, there were dancers, fire dancers the action was amazing. Fun fact: Ha breath of life is supposed to be so good that Disney wanted to buy it ( they said no)! After the show we went back home and slept.

Day 5: Another relaxing day.

Today was our last day in Hawaii. All of us had been enjoying this vacation and were sad we had to go, but we made the most of our last day. We went to a beach for sometime and then got Starbucks. After the Starbucks, we went to yet another beach. We didn’t actually swim though because we had just dried off. Near that beach were some interesting stores. There was a nearby mall which I thought had a very unique interior, it had a giant tree in the middle of it, and it was gorgeous. We went to this cool shop called CooNene. CocoNene is where you can buy this wooden board and customize it with little wooden figures. Here is a picture:

This is from their website:

We made a board and bought it. After that visit we went home, and slept! We certainly had a great time in Hawaii!

That is it for this post! I really hope if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii, take it! Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it, I will most probably be doing more travel blogs, they are so fun to make! If you liked this post please try to subscribe, it’s free! Like this post if you like it and comment down below, I love hearing from everyone! Once again thank you for reading this, I’ll catch you next time, bye!

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