Apple event 4-20-2021!!

made on 4-20-2021

Hey there, today I am VERY excited because there was an apple event!! I am going to be discussing the products they announced! There is no more to be said so let’s just get into it

1. Apple card family

I will not go that big into this because it is just a small update but basically you can now add family members to your apple card family that are over the age of 13.

2. Re design of apple podcasts.

This one is pretty straight forward. I won’t go that in-depth about the re-design because this personally is not that big of a difference/ importance to me.

3. New color of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

This one was pretty surprising! They announced that there would be a new color of the iphone 12 and 12 mini family: Purple!

from apple’s website:

4. Airtags

In videos that were predicting what was going to be announced during the apple event, Airtags were common. Airtags are little tags you can buy ( $29 for 1 $99 for 4) to place on things like your keys, your bag, etc.. so that you don’t lose the items you put your airtags on.

from apple’s website:

5. Apple tv 4k and Re- designed remote!

This new version of the apple TV has the A12 Bionic chip, a re-designed remote, and a 4K high frame rate HDR.

from apple’s website:

5. Colorful iMacs – M1 chip!

I was super excited for this one!! There were so many rumors that there would be new iMacs, colorful ones!! These new iMacs have the M1 chip, are claimed to have the best video, mic, and speakers in a mac, a 4.5 K retina display and is 24 inches. This also has a refreshed magic keyboard with a touch id option. The keyboard mouse and trackpad all match the color mac you buy. The base model has 4 color options and the other models have 7 options.

from apple’s website:

5. Ipad pro refresh -M1 chip, 5G, Center stage, Liquid retina XDR display, and up to 2TB storage! Magic keyboard new color- white!

First of all, I was very pleased to find out they had done a refresh of the ipad pro ( I kind of knew it was coming but still I was happy). This new ipad pro still comes in 11 inches and 12.9 inches. The ipad pro can now have up to 2 TB storage instead of just 1 TB. This new ipad pro also has the option for 5G if you buy wifi + cellular. It has center stage which focuses only on you when you are in video calls! The 12.9 in model has the liquid retina XDR display which is taken from the Pro Display XDR. Both the new iPad pros have the M1 chip as well! They still use the same apple pencil 2, Smart keyboard folio, and magic keyboard. Though there is new color option for the magic keyboard- white!

from apple’s website:

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