A (sort of) review- Canva Free!

Made on 4- 21-2021

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Hey there, I’m back with another blog post! This is kind of a review of a very good site called canva! Let’s hop into it!!

Canva- Overall

Canva is basically a design app! I love it! You can make presentations, collages, posters, etc.. the possiblities are endless! There are is a free canva version, and enterprise version, and a pro version. All you need for the free version is an email adress. The enterprise version is $30/month and is for business purposes. The pro version is $119.99/year ( $99.99/month) Which is a good deal, but not necessary for a regular person that only makes stuff on canva for personal use. I don’t really know the copyright rules between canva pro and canva enterprise, but you can look that up if you are really interested. The free version is still pretty great!


Canva free vs. Pro

There are a few things that you can do on canva pro that you can’t do on canva free. On canva free you can only use a limited amount of fonts, because some are pro fonts, and you only have a limited amount of elements you can add because some are free and some are pro elements. With Canva pro you can resize your canvas after making it which is a pretty handy tool to use, if you ever get any dimensions wrong.

This is also from https://www.canva.com/ it is a collage I made- I will not show the whole collage because it may have copyright images

To know if something is canva pro, it will have a little crown picture on the side as shown in the picture. ONly with Canva pro and enterprise will you be able to add a transparent background or compress file while downloading. There is also this thing on Canva called a brand kit ( it is on the side menu) where you can add logos brand colors and things like that. If you use Canva free then you can only create one color palette for your brand and only 3 colors maximum in that palette. With canva free you can only create 2 folders.

from https://www.canva.com/

It may seem that canva free may be bad, but trust me, it is great! I use it and even though I don’t have as many options as Canva pro does, I can work with it.

How I use canva:

You may be asking how I use canva so here’s how! Some of my “thumbnails” for my blog posts are made with canva! My logo was made with Canva. I also use Canva for personal things that are not on this website, I make collages on Canva, presentations, animations etc. I really like using Canva because I feel like I’m in control of everything, there is no corrector that tells me that everything in my design has to be perfectly staight. I love all the fonts and elements you can use too, it add a bunch of personality to my designs!

That is it for this (sort of) review of Canva Free! Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked this post please try to subscribe, it’s free! Like this post if you like it and comment down below, I love hearing from everyone! Once again thank you for reading this, I’ll catch you next time, bye!!

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