Chocolate drink!

made on 5-30-2021 Hey there, it’s me! Today I will be showing you guys how to make this chocolate drink and this foam topping, let’s get into it! Chocolate drink Milk/ milk substitute- use how much you want ( how much you will drink) chocolate drink powder/cocoa powder- I normally use chocolate drink powder. YouContinue reading “Chocolate drink!”

A day in the life- 1st day of summer break

made on 5/28/2021 Hey there, it’s me! Today I am going to be doing a day in the life of me post! Let’s get into it! **Sadly my grandparents from my dad’s side and my grandpa from my mom’s side couldn’t come visit us this year 🙁 I am really sad about this, and wantContinue reading “A day in the life- 1st day of summer break”

Yay!- School update 5/27/2021

made on 5-27-2021 Hey there, I am really excited so let’s just get into it! School updates! Okay, I have some really exciting news! Exciting news #1- I got an award at school! Today was an awards assembly and honestly I didn’t even think I would get this award! Ever since my finals were over,Continue reading “Yay!- School update 5/27/2021”

Harry potter movie marathon!

made on 5-26-2021 Hey there, it’s me! I’m back with a harry potter post! I re-watched all of the movies this week! Anyways let’s just get into it. As I said I re-watched all of the harry potter movies a little bit of last week and a little bit of this week, I first watchedContinue reading “Harry potter movie marathon!”

Welcome to my website!

made on 2-14-2021 **actually remembered to post this on 5-25-2021** *** Hey guys! You might be wondering why I am doing a welcome post even though I have been blogging for around 3 and a half months. Well, funny story, this was actually supposed to be my first post!! I started my blog on februaryContinue reading “Welcome to my website!”

How to make homemade snow cones!

made on 5-24-2021 Hey there, it’s me and I’m back with another summer post!! Today is all about snow cones! I had the idea just now because it is really hot over here. I am going to be making these without any snow cone machines, just things you probably have at home. Without further ado,Continue reading “How to make homemade snow cones!”

My travels pt 2- Seattle, Washington 2013

Made on 5-21-2021 Hey there, it’s me again, I’m back with a new “My travels post” My last post in this series was a hit, so I decided to make another one! Let’s get into it! Day 1: relaxed day! I do not exactly remember every single part of this vacation because it was soContinue reading “My travels pt 2- Seattle, Washington 2013”

Stardew valley-I’m a bit late.

made on 5-20-2021 Hey there it’s me again! I am back and today I have a post about a game called stardew valley. Let’s just get into it! Where to play- You can play on these supported devices. You can also play in a Tesla (car). If you want more information about this feel freeContinue reading “Stardew valley-I’m a bit late.”

Finals are over, finally!

made on 5-19-2021 Hey there, it’s me and let’s just get into it: Finals are over!!! I am so excited! My school ends in a week and after that I have some plans for this blog! My plans: After my school is over I want to post at least twice a week. By the endContinue reading “Finals are over, finally!”