Wallpaper update!

made on 5-18-2021

Hey there, it’s me again! Only one more day of finals to go! Anyways I wanted to make a quick post about my wallpapers.


I will be adding calendar wallpapers to my MacBook wallpaper collection (I will add it to tablet and phone wallpapers if I get the time). The thing is… I will not be keeping the ones from previous months. So for example, I will be posting a June Calendar wallpaper soon but in July I will be taking the June wallpapers out and putting in July wallpapers! That is basically it for this post! Thank you for reading! Try to like and subscribe (it’s free)! Also what kind of wallpapers do you guys like, it will give me some ideas on what I should make, feel free to answer that in the comments below. I’ll catch you later, bye!

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