My travels pt 2- Seattle, Washington 2013

Made on 5-21-2021

Hey there, it’s me again, I’m back with a new “My travels post” My last post in this series was a hit, so I decided to make another one! Let’s get into it!

Day 1: relaxed day!

I do not exactly remember every single part of this vacation because it was so long ago, but I will try to do my best! I went with my sister, mom, and dad. We went to Seattle for 2 days. We went to see my dad’s old colleague. We flew to Seattle and went to their house. We then just rested.

Day 2: Adventure day!

Today was the adventure day! We went to the Space needle:

picture from:

We also went to Pike Place Market and had clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder. I don’t really remember how it tasted, but my parents say it’s one of the best clam chowders that they have had! Here is Pike Place Market:

picture from:

The last place we went to that day was the Seattle gum wall, or as I like to call it: The great wall of gum! I think this was very close to Pike Place Market! I had a good time there with my sister and my dad’s colleague’s son. I have this memory, that when we were in the car looking out the window my dad’s colleague’s son said something about dead birds on telephone wires! I don’t know why I remember this, but I just do! Later that day we went back to my dad’s colleague’s house. The next day we flew back to our home!

Anyways that is it for this post! Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it, I will be doing more travel blogs, they are so fun to make! If you liked this post please try to subscribe, it’s free! Like this post if you like it and comment down below, I love hearing from everyone! Try to do this form, it asks you what you would like to see in the future from this blog. Here is the link: cupcakesandlemonadeform. Once again thank you for reading this, I’ll catch you next time, bye!

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