Welcome to my website!

made on 2-14-2021

**actually remembered to post this on 5-25-2021**

*** Hey guys! You might be wondering why I am doing a welcome post even though I have been blogging for around 3 and a half months. Well, funny story, this was actually supposed to be my first post!! I started my blog on february 14th 2021 and I was supposed to post this, but I forgot to! I also posted another post that day- How should I start a small business? Check that out if you are interested. Anyways just think of this post as my 1st post ever! Let’s get into it!***

Hi!!!!!! Welcome to cupcakesandlemonade.com! This is my website! I am super excited to have a website, I will be doing blog posts over here. I started this website today, valentine’s day 2021! I will be posting another post today so stay tuned for that! Once again, I am very excited to have a website, and I am so thankful I got one! Thank you so much for reading this post! I’ll catch you later, bye!

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