Yay!- School update 5/27/2021

made on 5-27-2021

Hey there, I am really excited so let’s just get into it!

School updates!

Okay, I have some really exciting news!

Exciting news #1- I got an award at school! Today was an awards assembly and honestly I didn’t even think I would get this award! Ever since my finals were over, I have been slightly worrying. I am normally a straight A student, but I was really worried about finals. Finals were 50% of my grade and there were two final exams that I was really worried about- Physics and Biology. I thought I would get at least a 75% but based on my award I probably got a 95% or higher on them ( I don’t know because I haven’t gotten a full grade report yet). I got an award which is given to the top 15% of people in the grade. I am very happy because I was making a big deal about my grades and I thought I would not pass the grade. Honestly I am very relieved to hear that I got in the top 15%! I would also like to congratulate my friends that got awards (I will only say the 1st letter/ 2nd/ 3rdof their name!)







Exciting news #2- School is over! Today was our last day! Which means- It’s summer time!!!! I will probably be posting at least once a week- I don’t want to get your hopes up ( I will probably be posting twice a week though 😋)

That is it for this post! I am going out to a restaurant to celebrate, so bye, I’ll catch you later!

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