A day in the life- 1st day of summer break

made on 5/28/2021

Hey there, it’s me! Today I am going to be doing a day in the life of me post! Let’s get into it!

**Sadly my grandparents from my dad’s side and my grandpa from my mom’s side couldn’t come visit us this year 🙁 I am really sad about this, and want to dedicate this post to them**


Today is my first day of summer, it is a friday! I am actually doing alot of fun stuff today because my dad took leave from work (my mom didn’t take leave from her work, which is fine)! The stuff I did today was a great way to spend the 1st day of summer break!

Wake up- 5:15! I normally wake up at around 5:30 ish but today I woke up early- I woke up early either because of my sister’s alarm clock, or I was just really excited for my summer break!!

Get ready- 5:20- 5:30! During this time, I water my plants, say hi to my dogs, say good morning to my family- they are all early birds just like me! drink some water, brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, wash my face, and change out of my pajamas and change into normal clothes.

Stretch- 5:30- 5:45: I actually don’t normally stretch at all! But, I set a summer goal. I used to be a gymnast and I was very flexible! That was around 3 years ago! I used to be able to do the splits and I want to get that skill back again! So, in the morning I now do some stretches that will help me re-gain my flexibility.

Go on a walk- 6:00- 6:25: I go on a morning walk with my 1st dog, my mom, and my sister. My dad takes our 2nd dog on a walk- I love my dogs both equally. We normally walk around our neighborhood.

Play with dogs- 6:25- 6:35: I played with my dogs during this time!

Play Stardew valley- 6:35- 7:00: I played stardew valley, on a normal school day I would do this after school, but since it is summer break I can play in the morning!

Eat breakfast- 7:02- 7:10– On a school day I would normally eat breakfast at around 6:40 but today I ate at 7:02. I had one slice of avocado toast and a leftover pancake that I forgot to eat yesterday! It was yummy!

Watch a bit of TV- 7:25- 8:00– During this time my sister, my dad and I were watching a little bit of Captain America: Civil war on disney plus. We also watched the Cruella trailer! I am very excited to watch Cruella. It is on disney plus premium- sadly we don’t have disney plus premium, we only have the base version. But, it will come out on the base version in a few months!

Random- 8:05- 8:30- During this time, I did alot of things, I played with my dogs, ate some cake that was leftover from my celebration yesterday, and talked to my dad ( he took the day off from work)!

Games with my dad- 8:30- 8:45- I played connect 4 with my dad during this time, connect four is always fun! Not to brag, but I won! 😀

*** If you are wondering why I didn’t write anything for 8:45- 9:10 is because during that time I didn’t really do anything****

Practice drums- 9:10- 9:20- During this time I practiced drums.

Prep for adventure- 9:20- 9:30- I was prepping for the activity we are doing later today. All I did was get a mask, go to the bathroom, and get a water bottle.

9:45- My friends gets to our house! She is also coming with us.

Car ride- 9:50- 10:25– This was our car ride there.

Our adventure place is…. a park! I don’t want to say the name because I don’t want to tell you guys my location..

Walking/ other stuff- 10:30- 11:30- We walked, around the park during this time! The park is a very large park! In the park there is an art center, so we went there because it was hot outside. There was this gift shop in the art center so we bought some gifts for our friends, because we are going to their housewarming party tonight.

Lunch- 11:45- 12:30- We went to this burger place for lunch. We walked there because it was a walking distance from the park. The sweet potato tater tots there were so good! I split a grilled cheese sandwich with my friend. My sister had a burger, which she didn’t finish, so we put the other half in a takeout box. My dad had a jalapeno popper burger. It came with some great sauce! It kind of tasted like the spicy mayo sauce from my local sushi restaurant.

Park again- 12:35- 1:35- We walked back to the park. My family has been going to that park for over ten years! There is this gelato place in the park, which is amazing!! We were waiting for it to open. It opens at 1:00 pm. While we were waiting for the gelato place to open, we gave my sister’s half of the burger to a homeless person that was in the park. I felt very good about that, my sister did too! After that my dad relaxed under a tree while my friend, my sister and I were still bored waiting for the gelato store to open! So, we decided to play in the sprinklers! It was so fun! We all were soaked! We then went to the gelato place and ate some good gelato! We walked back to the car. While we were walking to the car I saw a massive hill in the park and decided to roll down it! That was very fun, even though I had just eaten!

Ride home- 1:35- 2:00– We rode home during this time. My friend stayed at our house for sometime.

Taking a small bath- 2:10- 2:15- Like I said, I got soaked at the park, plus I rolled in the grass which made me itchy. I took a small bath.

Playing games- 2:30- 3:30- My sister, my friend and I played games during this time. We played some card games and played with my dogs.

Dropping my friend off to her house- 3:35- 3:50– We dropped my friend off to her house. She lives like 3 minutes away from us, but we talk alot 🙂

Watching some TV- 4:00- 4:30- I was just watching some television 🙂

My friend came over, again!- 5:00- 6:50- The same friend who came with us to the park!

Chess class?- 6:30- 7:30- My parents recently signed me up for this online chess class so that I would have something to do over summer break.

Going to our friend’s new house- 7:50- 10:00 pm- Like I said earlier, we were going to our friends new house! I had a good time there. We also ate dinner there, I had grilled chicken and rice!

Back at our house- 10:12– We drove back to our house. Their house is only 12 minutes away from ours, so not too far. I was very tired so I immediately slept 😀

Anyways, that is it for this post! Thank you for reading this! If you like this post, like it and subscribe! Make sure to comment down below, I love hearing from you guys! Also  try to complete this form, it tells me what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future: cupcakesandlemonadeform. That is it for this post! I’ll catch you later, bye!

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