My favorite Bath & Body Works scents- pt 1

made on 6-2-2021

Hey there, it’s me again! Today I am going to be talking about my favorite bath and body works scents, let’s get into it!

So a few days ago I went to bath and body works with my mom for fun. Since summer has started they have a whole new line of summer scents!! We got a few. Here’s what we got!

Sunshine mimosa and Midsummer dream- soaps

Midsummer dream- perfume and lotion

My mom really loved the Midsummer dream scent so she got some midsummer dream lotion and perfume.

I decided to get some hand sanitizer- Cucumber and Melon. I have actually been waiting to get this for a long time! I finally got it. The reason I couldn’t get it before was because hand sanitizers were very scarce and there were no cucumber melon hand sanitizers left in stores.

I noticed something new about some of the hand sanitizers! The label used to be just words but now they have nice little pictures to go with the words!

Here is what I mean: Look at the new cucumber melon vs. the old one! I like both styles!

But anyways, let’s get into my favorite scents. I can’t list all of them here, so there will probably be a part 2.

Favorite scents:

  • sea island cotton- sadly this is discontinued 😦
  • Pink Chiffon- this is also discontinued ☹️ – I have a hand sanitizer of this, and it is one of my favorite scents ever, I got a long time ago.
  • Snowflakes and Cashmere- this is a winter scent that came out in 2020…I think! I have a lotion of this and it smells amazing! If you can’t find it on their website, it is because this is a seasonal scent.
  • Hot cocoa and cream- this may be discontinued as well…. I didn’t find it on their website, but it is a seasonal scent so maybe that’s why.
  • Japanese cherry blossom- I love this scent alot! It never gets old.
  • gingham- I have a hand sanitizer of this, it is a nice and simple scent.
  • hello beautiful- I used to have a soap of this, I really like the scent.
  • black cherry merlot- this has a very nice smell- at least to me! I have a hand sanitizer of this scent.
  • tiki shores- this might be discontinued because I didn’t find it on the website
  • Saltwater breeze- I really like ocean-y scents! This one has a pleasant aroma!

That is it for this post! I will probably be making a part 2 later because I have more favorite scents! If you like this post, try to like and subscribe/follow to never miss out on a post! Thank you so much for reading this! Bye, I’ll catch you next time!

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