My summer morning routine- most of the time!

made on 6-3-2021

Hey there, it’s me again and today I am going to be telling you guys about my summer morning routine. I follow this MOST of the time! Let’s get into it!

Hear alarm- 5:15 am

I hear my alarm go off at around 5:15 am. I like waking up early, but when I hear my alarm during summer, I just snooze it!

Actually wake up- 5:45 am

I actually wake up at around 5:45- 5:50. Normally I wake myself up, or my mom or dad wakes me up. I have specifically instructed my parents to “wake me up BEFORE 6:00 am if I am not awake by then, even on weekends.” I told them this because one day I woke up at 7:00 am and I felt really horrible for waking up late. I felt like I wasted half of my day, so that’s why I am an early bird 😀 (don’t feel bad if you wake up late, this is just my opinion on waking up late, sorry if you find it offensive) If I have school I wake myself up, or my sister wakes me up. If I am still not awake, my parents wake me up- I will go in more details when I make a school morning routine post (that won’t be for another few weeks so hold on tight)

Get ready- 5:45- 5:50

***I base this off of the time I wake up so it changes day to day*** I usually only take 5 minutes to get ready. I brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and change into new clothes. I don’t like to avoid brushing my teeth because I have a perfect dental record of no cavities, and I would like to keep it that way. Comment down below if you have any cavities or none like me 🙂 I honestly don’t know why I change into normal clothes during summer, but I feel more fresh if I do this so I just do.

Say good morning to my family- 5:50- 5:51

This is a very small thing I do, but I say good morning to my family everyday. This doesn’t take too much time, and it can make someone else’s day, so you might as well do it.

Water Ina and Shortie 5:51- 5:55

Remember Ina- (pronounced EE-na)? If you don’t, that’s okay. She is a plump bamboo that I take care of. Here is the post I made about her: Update- My new plant and school! I water her everyday and one of my mom’s plants that is next to her. Ina hasn’t been doing so good lately- her leaves have been turning brown and dry 😦 I call the plant next to her shortie, it won’t grow! We have had that plant for around 3 months, and it still hasn’t sprouted and I’ve been watering it everyday!

Go on a walk- 6:00- 6:25 am

My mom, my sister, and I go on a walk normally during this time. Most of the time we take our 1st dog. The reason why we don’t take our 2nd dog is because my dad takes her on a bike ride in the morning, so we take our 1st dog on a walk. My dad take my 1st dog for a bike ride in the evening- (my dad loves them both.) When he takes our 1st dog on a bike ride in the evening, we take our 2nd dog out for a walk.

Random 6:30- 7:00

I don’t really have anything fixed for what I do during this time. I just play with my dogs or do something else.

Eat breakfast- 7:00- 7:10

I have breakfast around this time 🙂

Random- 7:15- 8:00

I read, watch TV, or do something else during this time!

Anyhoo, that is it for this post! Thank you for reading this. If you liked this, try to like this post and subscribe to never miss out on new posts. Try comment down below, I love hearing you guys! If you want to: comment if you have no cavities or if have some AND/OR any posts you want to see in the future! One last thing- We are so close to achieving my summer goal of 23 followers! We currently have 22 so one more to go, we can do it!!! Thank you to all of you who have subscribed! That it it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Bye, I’ll catch you later!

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