My weekend summary

made on 6-6-2021

Hey there, it’s me again! Today’s post is my weekend summary, so let’s get into it!

Saturday- 6/5/2021

Today was a very chill day. I went on a walk, watched some TV, called my family, played with my dogs, made a bracelet, got snacks, went to tennis class, made an “scavenger hunt”, finished Raya and the last dragon etc..

The highlights of Saturday were-

Getting some snacks!- I got popcorn and salted caramel ice cream

Making a bracelet- this took me such a long time- around 45 minutes! I made a golf stroke counter bracelet. I have made this kind of bracelet before. The reason it took so long was because I re-did it multiple times.

Making a “scavenger hunt”– the reason I put air quotes around scavenger hunt is because this isn’t really a scavenger hunt! My friend is coming over on friday and I told her and my sister that we are baking/ cooking a mystery item! So, I will be giving them little clues I wrote on post-it notes. The clues will lead them to a room in my house. That room will contain another clue that will lead them closer to the reveal! A part of the scavenger hunt is the recipe so I got out my markers and started drawing the mystery item and the recipe! Here is what we are making- try guessing in the comments! here it the hint: Chips + cheese + beans + more


Going to tennis class!

Sunday- 6/6/2021

Today was a good day! I did a-lot of things! Here were the highlights of my day!

Finishing and hiding the “scavenger hunt” stuff

Making meatballs from scratch with my mom

Eating spaghetti and meatballs for lunch– unfortunately I also had to eat broccoli 😦

Dance class

Playing apples to apples with my friend and my sister

Comment what you did over the weekend!

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4 thoughts on “My weekend summary

  1. This was such a calming read and it sounds like it was a great weekend! ✨ Tried to guess the mystery item and just know I’ll be so annoyed with myself when know the answer, can’t seem to think of what can be rn 😂. Did you enjoy Raya and the last dragon? I saw it the other day and already want to watch it again! 🍿 Great post 💗

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree, the mystery item is a bit hard to guess, but I’m sure it will kind of make sense when I tell you guys the answer in another post! I did enjoy Raya and the last dragon! Who was your favorite character, mine were the 3 monkeys and Noi (the baby)!

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      1. Noi is so cute!! (I can see Disney doing a mini episode to show the journey of her and the monkeys). My favourite character was Sisu as her face looks a lot like my puppy 🤣 and Awkwafina is hilarious!

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