WWDC21 announcements

made on 6-9-2021

Hey there, it’s me again! I am going to be talking about WWDC21! Let’s get started

What is WWDC21

WWDC21 is the worldwide developers conference 2021! In this event, Apple normally releases software updates! Overall I think these are not as exciting as normal apple events, but I will touch on this a little 🙂 WWDC21 is from June 7-11 2021

What they announced:

1.iOS 15!

Coming this fall. They have some updates to facetime, like shareplay, spatial audio, portrait mode, etc.. New updates to messages, memoji, and wallet. There is also something new called focus which will help you concentrate by silencing notifications and more. They redesigned notifications! They also made some changes to safari and maps. The made a new thing which should be VERY helpful called visual look up. If you tap on an image, it will find what the image is on the web. They have some updates to spotlight, photos, health, privacy, icloud, and more! For more information check out: https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-15-preview/

2. iPadOS 15

Coming this fall. The main changes are with multitasking- they have new updates to splitscreen and keyboard shortcuts for people with the magic keyboard. Now you can add widgets to the homescreen of your ipad too, because of the widgets update. They have some updates for quick notes and notes, face time, messages, memoji, focus (which I talked about in the iOS 15 section), notifications, safari, maps, visual look up, photos, spotlight, swift playgrounds which is an app that will teach you how to code, icloud, privacy, universal control, and more. Universal control basically lets you make your ipad a wireless monitor to your mac!!! For more information go to: https://www.apple.com/ipados/ipados-preview/

3. MacOS Monterey

Coming this fall. There are updates to Facetime, Messages, Safari, Focus, Quick notes, Notes, Universal control, Airplay to a mac-( lets you play something on a mac now)- Live text, Shortcuts (they added it to macs!), Maps, icloud, privacy and more! For more information check out: https://www.apple.com/macos/monterey-preview/

4. WatchOS 8

Coming this fall. There are new updates to photos, home, wallet, messages, mail, focus, mindfulness, sleep, workout, and more! For more information check out: https://www.apple.com/watchos/watchos-preview/

Comment your favorite update from this event!

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