made on 6-13-2021

Hey guys, it’s me again! I’m back with a small post, but let’s just get into it!

We got a PS4!

On friday (june 11) my dad bought a PS4 with 1Tb of storage! (It’s not the latest one incase you wanted to know. The newest one is the PS5.) Apparently my uncle has the PS4 and recommended it to my dad. I didn’t really ask for this so it is kind of like a surprise gift I guess, I’m very happy and grateful though! I can’t wait to start using it more! My dad and I can play some games together- I don’t have any games in particular that I want to play, so leave any recommendations in the comments. My dad really likes racing games and shooting games.


On friday my sister, my friend, and I were just sitting down in a room playing a game. When we came out we saw my dad holding a game controller! I realized he got a PS4. How did I know this? I am not the kind of person who specializes in x-boxes and PlayStations and Nintendos, but I knew it was a PS4 because of a major hint…. The hint were that earlier on friday, my dad and I went to the store to pick up a few things and on the drive back he was talking about PS4’s. So from that I kind of knew that it was a PS4. I was happy when he showed us the PS4. Since it makes my dad happy, it makes me happy! My dad used to play a bunch of video games when he was a kid, now he has the opportunity the play those games again. I think he will be a bit wiser with video games though. He said he mainly stopped playing video games because he was wasting his time a lot. But anyways I realized you could play cuphead on it. When I said this, my sister was screaming with joy- not actually screaming though 🙂 Cuphead is a game she used to play alot! She loves it. The reason why she was so happy was because, when she played cuphead only inkwell aisle 1 was available on the device she was playing on. Inkwell aisle is like level 1 so she didn’t really finish cuphead yet. Now that we have the PS4 she can complete it!!! My friend was also pretty happy for us. Her brother has a PS4.

Anyways, that is it for this post! Please try to like this post, and subscribe! Also put some game recommendations in the comments if you have any, I love hearing from you guys! One last thing- try to do this form which tells me what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future: cupcakesandlemonadeform. Thank you for reading this! I’ll catch you next time, bye!!

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