My fun day at the mall

made on 6-14-2021

Hey guys, it’s me again! Today I will be telling you guys about my day at the mall on saturday- 6/ 12/2021! Let’s get into it!

Who went

That day my friend came over for a sleepover from friday the 11th to Saturday. My dad was on a hike that day, so my mom took us. My mom, my friend, my sister, and I went to the mall. It is not an indoor mall, so it was really hot!

What we did!

We went to the mall at around 12 o’clock. When we arrived we went to a restaurant. At the restaurant my mom, my friend, and I split a pizza, and my sister had some pasta. We also had this amazing cauliflower appetizer. After eating we went to this boba place in the mall. I have been to this place before and it was really good! What made it special this time was that it was my friend’s first boba tea! Yay! But anyways we stayed there for some time. After that we went to the car to put our boba and leftover food from the restaurant. Then we went to H & M. My sister wanted to get some new clothes, but ended up not buying anything! I got something though! I got these nice striped pants. My friend and my mom didn’t get anything either. After our stop at H & M we went back home!

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