5 Father’s day gift ideas!

made on 6-17-2021

**If you are my dad- please don’t read this until after father’s day 😀**

Hey there, it’s me again! Today I am going to be giving you guys some father’s day gift ideas! Lets’s get into it!!

Gift ideas!

1. Handmade card

I feel like all parents like handmade cards, whenever I ask my mom or dad what they want for mother’s day/ father’s day, they always say “just make me a nice card”. A small card can go a long way!

2. Keychain ( I guess you can call it a keychain)

Okay, so this one is not actually a keychain. A lot of people don’t have keychain rings or keychain hooks, so I have come up with an alternative. (I will upload a picture to this post after father’s day!)


Paper/ shrink plastic sheet

coloring materials- I used paint pens


hole puncher


Optional- mod podge/sealant

Optional- glitter

What to do

  1. Write something on your paper/shrink plastic sheet. I used a shrink plastic sheet because I wanted the “keychain” to be clear. I didn’t shrink the shrink plastic because then the keychain would be too small. You can use paper if you want though. I wrote with my paint pens.
  2. cut out whatever you wrote on your piece of paper/shrink plastic
  3. Wait for the paint pens to dry- if you use paint pens
  4. Punch a hole in your paper with a hole puncher- this is be the ring for your keychain.
  5. Cover with mod podge/ sealant. I used mod podge dimensional magic to make the keychain kind of thick instead of paper thin. Don’t cover the hole up. You can also sprinkle a little glitter on it before the sealant dries up
  6. Wait for sealant to dry
  7. Tie string through the hole
  8. Done! Since mine is clear it can be used as a sun catcher

Here is mine:

3. Baked good!

Find something you know your dad would like and make it for him! Parents love when you make stuff by hand for them instead of just going to the store and buying something!

4. Bookmark

This is a simple gift, but a good one. Especially if you dad reads alot of books! You can make all sorts of bookmarks! I made a monster bookmark ( I will upload a picture to this post after father’s day)


Paper- I used colored cardstock paper so I wouldn’t have to color the paper in and it would we durable.


coloring materials

Optional- Mod podge/ sealant

Optional- pipe cleaners- this will be the ears if you are making a monster bookmark.

What to do:

  1. Cut out a rectangle in your paper
  2. Cut out a smaller rectangle in your paper that matches up with the bigger rectangle.
  3. Line the rectangles up together and tape them. This will create a flap which will be the mouth.
  4. Draw a face on the smaller rectangle- if you decide to make an animal/monster. You can decorate it however you want to
  5. In the space covered by the small rectangle (the flap) draw the mouth!
  6. Add ears by putting on pipe cleaners or cutting out paper
  7. Cover moth area with sealant- this is optional.

That is it for this simple bookmark!

5. Spending time with your dad

This is the last gift idea! This one is VERY simple but a great gift. Just spend time with your dad on father’s day. Give him some peace and quiet.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I will upload some pictures after father’s day just in case my dad reads this! If you liked it please try to like and subscribe to never miss out on any fun content!! And try to leave a comment if you made one of these, or if you just want to!! One last thing- try to do this form which tells me what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future: cupcakesandlemonadeform. Thank you for reading this! I’ll catch you next time, bye!!

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