Help me out!

made on 6-7-2021 Hey guys, it’s me again! I’m back with a quick new post! Let’s get into it! *****YOU HAVE TO BE ON MY WEBSITE FOR THE POLL TO WORK***** : Please try to take this poll! I will help me decide what my next post should be! I will eventually do allContinue reading “Help me out!”

My weekend summary

made on 6-6-2021 Hey there, it’s me again! Today’s post is my weekend summary, so let’s get into it! Saturday- 6/5/2021 Today was a very chill day. I went on a walk, watched some TV, called my family, played with my dogs, made a bracelet, got snacks, went to tennis class, made an “scavenger hunt”,Continue reading “My weekend summary”

Wallpaper update #2

made on 6-4-2021 Hey there, it’s me and I have a NEW wallpaper update. Here is my other wallpaper update post- Wallpaper update! Update- I will not be doing the calendar wallpapers anymore.. I might occasionally post calendar wallpapers but I will not be doing it every month! Thank you for reading this! Bye, I’llContinue reading “Wallpaper update #2”

My summer morning routine- most of the time!

made on 6-3-2021 Hey there, it’s me again and today I am going to be telling you guys about my summer morning routine. I follow this MOST of the time! Let’s get into it! Hear alarm- 5:15 am I hear my alarm go off at around 5:15 am. I like waking up early, but whenContinue reading “My summer morning routine- most of the time!”

My favorite Bath & Body Works scents- pt 1

made on 6-2-2021 Hey there, it’s me again! Today I am going to be talking about my favorite bath and body works scents, let’s get into it! So a few days ago I went to bath and body works with my mom for fun. Since summer has started they have a whole new line ofContinue reading “My favorite Bath & Body Works scents- pt 1”

Summer ideas for a summer of fun! Part 1

made on 6-1-2021 Hey there it’s me again, and I’m back with a summer ideas post! I recently got off of school and am ready to enjoy my summer. I love summer, swimming in my pool, drinking coconut water, and all that stuff! You can do these by yourself, invite people over, or do theseContinue reading “Summer ideas for a summer of fun! Part 1”