My really fun day!

Made on 7-13-2021

Hey there, today I am going to be telling you guys about my fun day! I will just be telling you guys the main things I did! Let’s get on with it!

I woke up at around 5:50

I went to the dentist for a checkup at 8:30- 10:00.

Surprisingly it took longer than I had expected, though my sister and I were both getting a checkup so it took a while. We both don’t have any cavities! Which means I still have my perfect record (my sister has had a few cavities in the past)

My family and I went to the science center in our state! 12:00- 3:00

This was really fun, I have not been to the science center since around 2018!! I think there is a science center in every state (in the U.S.A) so if you want to go, you can!

We got popsicles- 3:30-3:35

My dad and my sister didn’t want a popsicle, so my mom and I got one from a local popsicle store! I got a mango raspberry one, and my mom got a mango sunset one! They were both good!

Making a sock monkey- 4:30- 5:00

The rest of my day was just relaxing!

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