Update about Ina :(

Hello, I have some sad news! I was actually supposed to post this is in July, but I forgot to, let’s get into it.

Ina update:

If you didn’t know Ina (pronounced EE-na) is my bamboo plant, I talked about her in this post: Update- My new plant and school!

My plant Ina died, she died in July! She was cut off of another bamboo, so I didn’t think she would live very long, and she didn’t. Rest in piece Ina. I watered her everyday and put in rooting powder so that Ina would grow roots. Well, it’s ok, she was a great plant.

On a happier note, my school is going well and everything else is great!

That’s it for this post, sorry it was short, but that is all I had to talk about. Thank you for reading this post!! Also please comment any posts you would like me to write! Thank you again! Bye, I’ll catch you next time!

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