How to get stuff done

made on 8-22-2021

Hey there! Today I will be giving you guys some tips and examples of how I get stuff done and not wait until the last second! Let’s get into it.

How I get my tasks done:

When I am assigned alot of homework or tasks, I have a few things I like to do. I have this planner, so I write down things I NEED to do right away and things that can wait a bit. Here are the main two ways I finish tasks:

1. I do one task at a time and after I finish it I normally take a 5-10 minute break and do something that is relaxing like reading, watching TV, etc. I then go back to do another task and take a small break, they cycle continues.

2. I do 2 or more tasks and then take a break, this continues until I am done with the work.

I find that they best method to finishing your work is to reward yourself with something when you are done, you don’t need to go out to the store and buy something. You can have small rewards like watching TV, eating a chocolate, relaxing after a long day, and more! I also find that you should take periodic breaks, if you are just finishing your tasks all the time it will make you hate finishing whatever you have to do even more.

If you have a habit of keeping things until the last moment (procrastinating) and you want to stop here are some things I suggest:

  • Motivate yourself, if you are feeling lazy and do not want to do anything, give yourself a pep talk, say that you can finish this work and that you will not keep it till the last second.
  • Reward yourself- If you have a problem with procrastinating and want to stop I suggest to motivate yourself with a reward. If you have a reward you will be more motivated to finish your work. As time goes on and on, and you get out of this habit, you can still reward yourself, but the reward does not have to be something that will break your wallet, it can be some TV time, or playing with your pets.

Tips on how to get work done:

  • Make a to-do list of everything you have to complete. You can divide it into two sections:
    • Need to do
    • Can wait
      • This helps you keep track of the things which are very important for you to do. Just because something is in your Can wait section doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means it doesn’t need much attention. I suggest that you put deadlines for the tasks. Don’t make the deadlines on the day it’s due, make the deadlines a few days before it needs to be finished so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Plan when you want to finish/do something
    • By this I mean that you should put some of your tasks on the day you want to do it and also put deadlines. I recommend doing this on a planner or calender
    • You can write in a calender, planner, or even a piece of paper of when you want to do things.
  • Here is an example:
As you can see some of the tasks are spread out. The can wait tasks are on different days and all of the tasks have deadlines
  • Take breaks!
    • If you have been working on something for so long you deserve a break!!

What do you do when you need to finish some work? Comment down below.

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