My many collections

made on 9-4-2021

Hey there welcome/welcome back to! Let me ask you a question: Have you ever had a collection of anything, like erasers, marbles, pins, etc..? Well I do! I have a bunch of collections! So today I will be listing 10 of my collections! Let’s get into it.

***I wanted to add photos to this post, but only one of them would upload 😢***

  1. Stuffed animals…

I have ALOT of stuffed animals, my sister and I have been working on this collection since we were born. We have over 105 stuffed animals and always welcome more.

2. Shopkins

Shopkins used to be very very popular, my sister and I have a large collection of them. Our friend first introduced us to them. We started out with around 8 and now we have around 120! We have a whole drawer dedicated to them. I still love shopkins!

3. Marbles

My sister and I have a large collection of marbles, we just really like them and make marble runs every year.

4. Erasers that look like food, objects, and animals

I am obsessed with these, I have around 20 of them. I don’t really use them because they are too pretty. Comment which eraser is your favorite!

5. Markers

I love markers!!!!!!!!!! I have 96 Arteza brush pens (markers), 24 Ohuhu markers, 10 Tombow brush pens (markers), many Crayola markers, and random ones. This picture is only showing my Ohuhu set.

6. Paints

I like to do paintings and paint objects, over the past few years I have accumulated quite a few paints.

7. Rainbow loom jewelry

My sister and I got a rainbow loom kit as a gift around 3 years ago, we have made plenty of rainbow loom jewelry.

8. Hand Sanitizer

I had a collection of hand sanitizer before the virus started. This collection is mainly made up of my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, but it also has one I got from the Hawaiian airport. These hand sanitizers are my favorite. I have others, but they are just generic hand sanitizers. I have 14 hand sanitizers in this collection.

9. Nail polish

I have a large collection of nail polish, I love to paint my nails!

10. Yarn

I have a bunch of yarn! I have it for crafts like crocheting, knitting, making a spiderweb for Halloween, and more.

Do you have any collections? Comment down below!

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