Busy week + announcements

made on 9-10-2021

Hello! Today I will just be talking about some important announcements, let’s get into it.

Busy Week

This week and next week has/will be busy! It’s because I have a great deal of tests. Because of those tests I will need to study a bunch. Wish me luck!

Important announcement:

The Apple event is on September 14th! Yayy! I can’t wait!!! The sad news is that I will not be able to write a post about it until that Friday, or maybe a day before if I get some free time! According to this article: by 9to5mac, we should be expecting to see the iPhone 13, a new generation ipad, and ipad mini, apple watch series 7, and the new software updates that I talked about in this post: WWDC21 announcements.

Also today I went to starbucks! I wanted to try the fall drinks, the one I wanted was unavailable so the barista recommended something else it was really good! I got a Iced latte ( which doesn’t seem very fall-y so the barista added: pumpkin sauce and pumpkin cold foam!

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