What I think of CollaNote

made on 9-23-2021

Hey there, it’s me!!! Today I will be talking about Collanote, a notetaking app I recently found out about. Let’s get into it.

CollaNote: What is it?

CollaNote is a note-taking, planner, journal, PDF editor, and more app that you can get on your ipad. The Developer is Quoc Huy Nguyen. This app does ALOT OF STUFF!

My thoughts.

I think CollaNote is a great app. It has so many great features! When you make notes you can choose the layout of the paper and the template. The tools are a pen, pencil, highlighter, text box, eraser, lasso selection, laser pointer, ruler, and more. You might be thinking, oh with all of those great features, this HAS to cost something. Well the answer is- it’s free! Yep, you heard me! Honestly this app is the best *by far* free note-taking/journaling/planner/PDF editor app that I have come across. I mainly use this app to study for tests by making a “study guide” with some questions I have and important things to remember. I haven’t really tested out the pdf-editor/journaling/planner part of it yet. You can make notes and quick notes in this app, you can even sort those into folders if you want. Here is a picture:

I like that there are a large variety of colors, and if you don’t like ANY of those colors you can always choose your own by going to the color wheel. CollaNote also has a cool feature called Dark Mode & Dynamic Colors, which inverts the colors and makes the paper black so it is better for your eyes at night. If you try out this feature, you first must have the dark skin turned on, otherwise it will not let you do dark mode. Here is an image

This should say Dark mode and dynamic colors demonstration


I think overall that this app is great! It is a free app and has a bunch of cool features. You should definitely think about getting this app if you are into note taking or journalling on your ipad.

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