3 holiday games to play

made on 12-2-2021

Hi!! Today I am going to be talking about some fun holiday games to play!! Also side note- The reason I am not doing Blogmas is because I might not have time to make a new post everyday and I don’t want to let you guys or myself down y creating high expectations, I will try my best though! Anyways let’s get into it.

  1. Secret Santa

This is a super fun game to play especially to play with large groups. You basically draw somebody’s name and get them a gift that they want (they will have a few gift ideas on their card). Then you and everyone else get together and you try to guess who got you your gift.

2. Pin the nose on the Rudolph

This is just like pin the tail on the donkey! Except it’s a nose and a reindeer. You are blindfolded and have to try and pin the nose on the Rudolph.

3. White Elephant

This is another good game to play with lots of people. Everybody buys a present and brings it to the party. Then everyone picks a number and they will go based on their number ( if I got 1 I would go first). Then you can pick any of the presents and open it in front of everyone else. The next person can either steal or pick a new present from the pile! I think it is best to go last because then you can see everyone else’s presents and decide if you want to steal or take a risk!

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