Mini Q &A

made on 12-21-2021

Hello there! Remember how in the last post( Updates- it’s almost christmas) I asked you guys to comment some questions you guys wanted me to answer, well, I only got 1 comment- thank you to All you need to know for commenting! Even though I only got one question, I will still be doing a Q and A! For other questions I just looked up some Q and A questions on google. This is a “mini” q and a because I will only be doing 5 questions. Anywho let’s into it!

Q & A

All you need to know’s question: When did you start your blog, and why did you start it? 

I started my blog on February 14th 2021, yep, Valentine’s day. Fun fact: it’s actually on my logo, but I don’t blame you for not noticing, it’s in very small print! I started my blog just because I wanted to actually, I was just looking up articles and stuff and I saw an article about starting a blog, I thought it would be cool so I started one! Thanks for asking, I appreciate it!

Q & A questions I looked up on google:

Cats or Dogs?

I prefer dogs, cats are not that bad, but I think dogs are just better overall!

How many siblings do you have?

I only have 1 other sibling!

Do you like seafood?

This is a good question, when it comes to seafood I am particular. I like most sushi but sometimes I don’t like plain fish like trout or salmon. I would say that if someone were cooking a seafood meal for me shrimp is probably where they could mess up. I like shrimp 50% of the time, it depends on how it was prepared.

What is your favorite season?

Winter! I love winter, the weather, the holidays, it just makes me feel so happy!

Please comment some post ideas down below!

Anyways, that is it for this post! Sorry it was kind of short. Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out. I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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