Spiderman No Way Home review!

made on 12-26-2021

Hello there!!!!! Today I am doing a movie review! Which movie you may ask, (well it’s in the title) Spiderman: No Way home! I watched this with my friends a couple of days ago and asked you guys if you wanted me to do a review of it. You guys said yes, so here I am! Anyways let’s get into it!

WARNING- there will be spoilers!

Spiderman No Way Home

This was a pretty good movie in my opinion. I really liked it! It was 2 hours and 8 minutes long.

Alert: Spoilers ahead!

The movie is about Peter Parker, who is secretly Spiderman which I am sure most of you know. In this movie Peter Parker is Tom Holland. His best friend and best friend/girlfriend are Ned ( Jacob Batalon) and MJ ( Zendaya), they help him along the way. Anyways in this movie, Spiderman’s identity is revealed after her “murdered” Mysterio. Now everyone knows who he is, and alot of people hate him and see him as a “murderer”. He doesn’t really care that much until this bad reputation effects him and his best friends (Ned and MJ) into getting into MIT. He feels so upset because Ned and MJ didn’t do anything, but they are receiving consequences for being his friends. He goes to doctor strange to fix things up but just makes them worse! I won’t go into a lot of detail because I still want it to be sort of a surprise if you decide to see it, but some sad things happen… Someone died- I won’t say who, but someone very important to Peter died!! In the end Peter has to do something to save the world from all of the destruction, which was good for the world, but it was sad to watch! I will try not to say anything, but hint hint- forget. That is your only clue to the ending. The ending was a little sad, but it was for the better.

The movie was really good! I would recommend watching it.

I would rate it 4.3 stars out of 5 just because of some sad things that happened in the end.

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