Sarasa Milk Color Pens review

made on 1-20-2022

Hey there it’s me again! Today I am going to be reviewing the Sarasa milk color pens! I got these pens recently and here are some things I have noticed about them. Let’s get into it!

Sarasa Milk Color

These pens came in a pack of 8, they are 0.5 mm. The colors that come in the set are (the colors don’t have names so I am going to describe what color they are) green, light teal, blue, purple, red, pink, orange, and white(by the way, I named the colors because there were no labeled names).Here is an image of the packaging:

These colors are all very pastel (but you can still see the colors well enough), the red is not a bold red you would get in a normal pen set, neither are the other colors. I like the colors! I also love the clicky-ness of pens! The click is so nice. The pens are $9.60 on amazon.

Here are some swatches:


One thing I don’t like is that green is very light. Sometimes it can be a little hard to see. Another thing I wish they would include is a black pen! I would be so nice, they do sell a black sarasa pen, but it is not included in this set.


I really love that these pens do not bleed onto the next page, but if you press really hard, marks will show up on the back of page. I really like the reusable packaging, you can store the pens in the clear plastic case that shows up.


These are good pens! I think my favorite color is either the blue or the purple. I would definitely recommend these for notetaking or doodles!

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2 thoughts on “Sarasa Milk Color Pens review

  1. Those seem very nice! I did get the mild liners after you did a review post on them and I find them so much prettier than standard highlighters. So thanks for doing a review on those! Now I might have to go check these out haha.

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