How to sleep and wake up better

made on 2-24-2022 Hey there! So, I know a lot of people have trouble sleeping or have a bad sleep schedule, so that’s why today I am going to be talking about those things! Let’s get into it!! *DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, not all of the things I say are necessarily true, IContinue reading “How to sleep and wake up better”

My “Bullet Journaling” Story

made on 2-18-2022 Hey there!! Today I had absolutely no ideas for a post, so I decided I would do a story post, let’s get into it!! “Bullet Journaling” Story Ok, so it was September 2020 and I had just recently watched alot of videos on bullet journals. I was very bored at the time,Continue reading “My “Bullet Journaling” Story”

It’s my 1 year blogiversary!!!

made on 1-14-2022 Hey there!!!! Today is my 1 year blogiversary!! (P.S. Happy Valentine’s day) I have come so far in 1 year, it’s amazing! I just want to say thank you to everyone! For supporting me, liking my posts, following me, I am thankful for you guys! I never thought I would have 95Continue reading “It’s my 1 year blogiversary!!!”

A Saturday in my life- winter!

made on 2-12-2022 Hey there everybody! I was looking at some old posts today and realized that I haven’t done a day in my life post in such a long time, so I decided to do one today! This is a saturday in my life! Let’s get into it! 5:20 am- I hear my alarmContinue reading “A Saturday in my life- winter!”

Seasonal/Holiday Wallpapers!!

1-8-2022 Hi!! As I have said in previous posts, here are some seasonal wallpapers (they are free)!! I will update them (based on season/holiday). I will make sure to let you guys know when I add some new ones! There are tablet, laptop, and phone wallpapers here! Enjoy!! The newest ones are at the top!!Continue reading “Seasonal/Holiday Wallpapers!!”

Valentine’s day wallpaper launch- coming soon

made on 1-5-2022 Hey there! It’s me again! Today I have some stuff to tell you guys!! Wallpaper Launch As many of you know, Valentine’s day is coming soon!! I have been working on some new wallpapers for valentine’s day!! You can find them on my website, on the designs page, just scroll down andContinue reading “Valentine’s day wallpaper launch- coming soon”

January Overview 2022

made on 2-1-2022 Hello folks! Happy Lunar New Year!!! Anyways, today I will be doing my monthly overview! Let’s get into it! Blog Overview I think my blog did decently in January. My goal was to get at least 5 followers and got 5 followers so yay! I wrote 10 posts this month! Wowie!! LifeContinue reading “January Overview 2022”