Seasonal/Holiday Wallpapers!!


Hi!! As I have said in previous posts, here are some seasonal wallpapers (they are free)!! I will update them (based on season/holiday). I will make sure to let you guys know when I add some new ones! There are tablet, laptop, and phone wallpapers here! Enjoy!!

The newest ones are at the top!!

Here are the steps to downloading them:

  • click image and click open in new tab
  • click save image as and select a place to save it
  • set as wallpaper
  • enjoy!

Phone- Red white and blue (6-29-22)

Tablet- Stars and stripes (6-29-22)

Laptop- America (6-29-22)

Laptop- You are sweet (2-8-2022)

Laptop- Hello Beautiful (2-8-2022)

Tablet- Love (2-8-2022)

Tablet- All you need is love (2-8-2022)

Phone- You’re my jam (2-8-2022)

Phone- Be Mine (2-8-2022)

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