Sing 2

made on 1-10-2022

Hey there! So I recently watched Sing 2! Here are my thoughts on the movie!

Sing 2

To be honest with everyone, I was not expecting much from this movie. You know how the original movie is most of the time better than the 2nd movie.. I THOUGHT this would be one of those cases…

Sing 2 came out in 2021, it is 1 hour and 50 minutes long. The age rating is PG.

The summary, in my own words ( I will try not to give you guys any spoilers): Buster moon and this amazing troop are getting ready to perform a spectacular, dazzling show, in Redshore city! There is a small problem though.. He has to convince Clay Calloway ( a lion who stopped performing a long time ago) to come to their show and sing. If his convincing doesn’t work, his life is on the line. Will Clay Calloway come perform? Will the show be good?

Now for what I thought: I LOVED SING 2!!!!! It was an amazing movie. I have been debating about this, but I think it might even be a TINY bit better than Sing 1! I loved the show at the end, the musical numbers were amazing, and the plot was great!

I would definitely recommend watching it if you liked Sing 1. Or if you just want to watch a funny movie with great music and characters!

My favorite character was either Porsha or Gunter!

I loved alot of the songs, but I really liked Porsha’s “it could’ve been me” and Clay Calloway and Ash’s song at the end

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