My “Bullet Journaling” Story

made on 2-18-2022

Hey there!! Today I had absolutely no ideas for a post, so I decided I would do a story post, let’s get into it!!

“Bullet Journaling” Story

Ok, so it was September 2020 and I had just recently watched alot of videos on bullet journals. I was very bored at the time, so I decided to try and make one! I wanted to use what I had at home, so I just used an old lined notebook,(that’s why I put quotations around bullet journal)! I put in a TON of effort into it, doing a whole theme, a calendar page, wishlist page, expenses page, and a birthdays page (for people with birthdays in september)! I thought I was going to use it and add more to it!! I spent around 1-2 hours on coloring and sketching and I was SUPER EXCITED!! Well….. I did it for a couple of days, then forgot about it! I feel like bullet journaling is a cool thing to do, but it will require time!! Maybe I can do it later in life when I feel more committed! That was my little story!! Sorry this post was kind of short!

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