How to sleep and wake up better

made on 2-24-2022

Hey there! So, I know a lot of people have trouble sleeping or have a bad sleep schedule, so that’s why today I am going to be talking about those things! Let’s get into it!!

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, not all of the things I say are necessarily true, I am just talking about my point of view on this issue*

Also if you are in Ukraine, I am sending hope for you! Stay strong!


  1. DO NOT stare at a screen directly before you go to sleep- I’ve heard that the brightness and blue light affects your sleep and makes it harder to fall asleep, so try to avoid this!
  2. Set times- If you set a specific time to go to bed by and wake up by, you will most likely follow those timelines. For example: I should try to go to bed every day by 11 pm and try to wake up by 7 am. You could also set alarms to wake up.
  3. Set alarms- Like I said in tip 2! Get an alarm clock, ask your family members, or set an alarm on your device/devices.Here is a tip from my personal experience as a heavy sleeper: Set multiple alarms. I used to set only 1 alarm, but I didn’t really hear it :)!! You should set multiple with 10-5 minute intervals. For example, if you want to wake up at 6:30 (and you know you are a heavy sleeper) set alarms for 6:20, 6:25, 6:30, and 6:35 am. When I set alarms, I also have it on high volume so I can hear it.
  4. Try to not drink caffeine in the night- Caffeine keeps you awake, so try to avoid it!!
  5. Be comfy- When I go to sleep I like the fan to be on and have a blanket. I like the fan because it cools the room and me down!

Those are my tips for sleeping and waking up!
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