Happy last day of March ’22

made on 3-31-2022 Hey there! Today I am back with a random post, let’s get into it! Hey everyone!! Happy last day of March 2022! I am really excited for tomorrow, it’s april fool’s day! I have a prank for my friends, classmates, and family, maybe I will tell you guys later! Anyways my friendsContinue reading “Happy last day of March ’22”

Highlights: Friday and Saturday

made on 3-27-2022 Hey there! Can you believe that March is almost over?!?!? Anyways, I have had such a great Friday and Saturday and I wanted to post about it, so let’s get into it!! Note: I am very sorry I didn’t post on thursday like I said I would, I was super busy!! FridayContinue reading “Highlights: Friday and Saturday”

Happy St. Patrick’s day + Volunteering!

made on 3-17-2022 Hey there!! This is a little post about St. Patrick’s day and an experience! Let’s get into it! Happy St. Patricks day (even though I don’t really celebrate it)!! If you celebrate it, what green clothing are you wearing? I am wearing a green shirt! I wish you all tons of luck!!Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s day + Volunteering!”

My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question

made on 3-10-2022 Hello!!! Today is a very chill post, but I have a special announcement and question at the end so stay tuned for that!! My Crazy Wednesday Okay, so this was yesterday, 3-9-2022. Yesterday I was VERY busy! I came back from school at around 4:45 (I had to do something). My schoolContinue reading “My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question”

Apple event- March 8th 2022!!

made on 3-8-2022! Hey there!! Today there was an apple event!! I am super excited about everything they announced! Let’s get into it! *I am not a tech expert and I will not be going in-depth like other websites do, this is mainly just my opinions! If you would like more details look up AppleContinue reading “Apple event- March 8th 2022!!”