Apple event- March 8th 2022!!

made on 3-8-2022!

Hey there!! Today there was an apple event!! I am super excited about everything they announced! Let’s get into it!

*I am not a tech expert and I will not be going in-depth like other websites do, this is mainly just my opinions! If you would like more details look up Apple Event March 2022 and you will find some other in-depth articles, or go to

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  1. Studio Display and Mac Studio

I know a bunch of people are really excited about this one! The studio display looks gorgeous and will be a game-changer for a lot of people for stuff like editing, music production, or work!

2. Ipad Air- Gen. 5!!!

I was soooo happy that they are released a new ipad air! AHHHHH!!!! You can tell how excited I am (I already have an ipad pro, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited)! This is the generation 5 ipad air. It is powered by the m1 chip like apple’s 2021 ipad pro, macs, and MacBook! It also has center stage and wide a wide front camera! It comes in 5 colors: Space gray, Pink, Sky Blue, Purple, and Starlight (basically white). I’m a little upset they don’t have green in the color selection, but at least they brought in purple! Also I haven’t seen the advertisement yet, but I bet it’s amazing! Last year’s ipad air commercial was beautiful, the song matched it so well!

Doesn’t it look beautiful!

3. Iphone SE- gen 3!

I am not as excited for this one, but they havent released a new SE in such a long time! I know a bunch of people like students will be excited for this, as it is cheaper but still great!

4. Iphone 13 and 13 pro in Alpine Green

This one is kind of like when Apple released purple for the Iphone 12. It is the same phone, just a beautiful new color! I actually really love this green!

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Which new product is your favorite from the release? Mine is definitely the new iPad air!

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