Earth Day: Ways to Help the Planet

made on 4-22-2022 Hey everyone!! I know yesterday I said I would not be posting alot, but I felt very inspired to post this, let’s jump into it! Happy Earth day!!!!! If you didn’t know, Earth Day is a day which celebrates the start of the environment protection movement, and reminds us to protect thisContinue reading “Earth Day: Ways to Help the Planet”

My travels pt 3: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho: Yellowstone

made on: 4-14-2022 Hi everyone! Today I am doing another travel post!! As I said a looonnnnnggggg time agooo, I would be going on vacation soon(I already went) and I would make a post about it! Well, I am finally writing a post about it. Let’s fly ✈️ into it (pun intended). I went onContinue reading “My travels pt 3: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho: Yellowstone”


made on 4-7-2022 Hellooo everybody!! Welcome/welcome back. I hope you all are enjoying your april so far! Today I have a very exciting announcement.. or at least for me πŸ™‚ Well, let’s get into it!! New Plants!! So, as you can probably tell… we got new plants!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! If you didn’t know,Continue reading “NEW PLANTS!!! YAYYYY”

March Overview 2022

made on 4-1-2022 Hey folks! I’m starting off April with an overview post! Let’s get into it! Also, happy april fool’s day I got so many people at school πŸ™‚ Hey everyone quick thing, please click on this link, it is very important: IMPORTANT Blog Overview My blog did well in March. I posted 5Continue reading “March Overview 2022”