My travels pt 3: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho: Yellowstone

made on: 4-14-2022

Hi everyone! Today I am doing another travel post!! As I said a looonnnnnggggg time agooo, I would be going on vacation soon(I already went) and I would make a post about it! Well, I am finally writing a post about it. Let’s fly ✈️ into it (pun intended). I went on this vacation in October 2021

Vacation: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho (Yellowstone National Park)

We covered three states during this vacation. We went to see Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. I went with my parents and my sister. This vacation was really fun! It was on my mom’s bucket list, which is the main reason we went.

Day 1, Saturday- Travel day

Today was our travel day. We boarded our plane at 5:30 am. We then had a small layover and ate some breakfast at that airport. I had a quesodilla from Cafe Rio and a pink drink from Starbucks! Yum! Note- I think I saw my teacher at that ariport! We then got onto our other plane, in that plane ride I finished my homework and drew a bit. We finally landed at West Yellowstone airport at around 12 pm mountain daylight time. We then had to drive from West Montana through Idaho and to Teton Village in Wyoming. We got to our airbnb condo at around 4 pm. Our airbnb condo was so cool! It had this ladder to this upstairs attic-loft kind of thing! I really liked the way it was decorated. After settling in we went to a nearby grocery store and got some fruits, vegetables, snacks, and hot cocoa mix. We had noodles for dinner and went to sleep at around 8:15 pm because tomorrow we had to wake up early.

plane picture!

Day 2, Sunday- Tour day

Today we had to wake up at around 5 am to get ready for our tour. Our tour guide picked us up at around 6:45 am. We had a tour through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. I learnt a bunch of new things and saw some cool animals like bisons, a bear, squirrels, moose, geese, and more! We stopped at a few places. Some of my favorite places we stopped at were the dragon’s mouth spring and the old faithful geyser. I saw the old faithful geyser ”blow” and it was so cool. Our tour guide recommended that we try some huckleberry chocolate bars, so we got some and they were really good! If you come here, you should definitely try some huckleberry stuff. Our tour guide said that it is good to come in the fall because most of the people come in summer, so it will be less crowded and there will be less traffic. Also it was snowing a little bit today which I thought was really cool! We got back home at around 5:40 pm.

a beautiful picture of the scenery. Look at the picture for Day 4, notice the DRASTIC weather change

Day 3, Monday- Jenny Lake day

Today was a good day. We went to see Jenny Lake. We got to Jenny lake at around 12 pm and hiked to the Hidden falls! It was so gorgeous there!! The hike was about 5 miles, my legs were hurting even though this was not even the longest hike I had ever done. We finished the hike at around 3:30 pm (we took some breaks, so it took us a longer time than most people). The weather was great today, it was kind of cold, but I loved it! After the hike we went to Bubba’s Bar-B-Que. I would definitely recommend going here! I shared baby back ribs with my dad with a side of mac and cheese and coleslaw. For desert I had huckleberry ice cream which was very yummy. I also got to try buttermilk pie and some sort of Italian doughnuts because my mom and sister ordered those. We reached our house at around 5pm. The only thing I regret from today was not arriving at Jenny lake earlier than 12. Here are some tips on what to bring if you are hiking in this area:

  • Bring some sort of bear spray- Bears roam around in this area so you want to have some just in case.
  • Bring snacks and water- You will need some to stay hydrated and energized.
  • Check the weather before you go somewhere- The weather here is unpredictable, so make sure to check it so you can be fully equipped.

Anyways that is basically it for what we did today, also today was our last day in the Teton village house.

a beautiful picture of Jenny Lake that my dad or mom took!

Day 4, Tuesday : Driving day (mainly).

Today we decided to drive…. A lot! It was actually really fun! I got to spend alot of fun time with my family. We were driving from our Wyoming AirBnB to our Montana AirBnB which was a little cabin. I have to admit, I liked the Wyoming house better, but the Montana one was good too! Today was the day we drove in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, so technically we have been to all 3 states, but we didn’t really stop in Idaho! Also, today it was snowing, alot!! I love the snow and I was very happy with the change in weather. Anyways, we went to see so many cool places like the midway geyser basin! We tried some huckleberry candy which was yummy! I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but huckleberries are really popular in Montana, they have huckleberry everything!! The Midway Geyser basin was really fun to visit and was probably my most favorite place to visit on this vacation! We saw the Opal pool, Turquoise pool, Excelsior geyser, and THE Grand Prismatic!! It was so fun to look at, I loved it, we couldn’t really see the vibrant colors of the grand prismatic because it was snowing though, so it would’ve been better to see in summer, but it was fun. I got to play in the snow there!! We reached our AirBnB house in the evening and since it was snowing heavily, I made a snow angel! The house owners were really kind and left us a few snacks!!

It was sooooooo pretty outside!!!!!!
a pic of the Grand Prismatic

Day 5, Wednesday: Lamar Valley and Gardiner Montana

It was snowing again today! We drove alot and stopped at the Travertine terrace at the Mammoth Hot Springs. The mammoth hot springs was fun, but it probably would’ve been better to visit if it was summer, since it was snowing alot and we couldn’t really see the beauty, also it smelled really bad there. My dad, my sister, and I ganged up on my mom and attacked her with snowballs here, that was fun! I also hit my dad and sister too!! Interesting fact, if you throw snowballs into the mammoth springs, they will melt almost instantly!! Next up, we went to Gardiner Montana, and we went to this place for lunch called Wonderland Cafe and Lodge, and let me tell you, the food there was AMAZING!!! The popcorn shrimp was amazing, the mac and cheese was amazing, the brownie was delectable!!! Everything was super yummy! This was the best restaurant of our entire vacation! After, we went to a gift shop nearby and bought some souvenirs and huckleberry ice cream! Yes, I am the kind of person to eat ice cream in the snowy cold weather! Then we drove to Lamar valley and got alot of good animal pictures, it was very scenic.

Day 6, Thursday: Traveling back home!

Today was our last day in yellowstone!!!! Our trip was very fun and we were sad to go, yet happy to come back home. Before we left, I made a couple more snow angels, and a short snowman!! We went to the airport, got some lunch, and went home!


This trip was so fun overall! I would definitely recommend!!

That is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Have you ever been to Yellowstone? How was it? Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out! I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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  1. I loved this trip! The places and scenery were so beautiful, I especially love Jenny Lake! The weather was so pleasant when we went. Question of the day: Have you ever been to Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho? Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park? If so, how was your trip? I would love to hear from you all!!

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