Earth Day: Ways to Help the Planet

made on 4-22-2022

Hey everyone!! I know yesterday I said I would not be posting alot, but I felt very inspired to post this, let’s jump into it!

Happy Earth day!!!!!

If you didn’t know, Earth Day is a day which celebrates the start of the environment protection movement, and reminds us to protect this planet that we call home. Now, technically, we should love and be kind to this planet every day, but today is just a reminder! Anyways, I will be showing you guys some ways to start being more friendly to the environment. These are very simple things you can do to help. Every small thing helps!!

1.Slowly try and get rid of unnecessary plastic in your life

I know alot of countries like Kenya and Thailand, as well as many states like California and New york have put a “ban” or tax on plastic bags and other plastic things. This is very helpful to the environment. So much plastic piles up every year and causes alot of pollution. We should all try to slowly reduce plastic in our life, like start using reusable bags instead of plastic when you shop at grocery stores, or use metal straws instead of plastic ones!


Make sure to recycle! You can recycle so many things and give them new purposes! This is a super easy thing to do! But, make sure that whatever you are recycling is recyclable.

3.Use water wisely

There are so many places that have shortages of water currently! This could cause water to dry out and many could die! So, next time you think about taking a 20 minute shower, try and cut that down! Fix leaks when you see them, turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth! These are very simple.

4. Plant a tree

We need more trees in this world. This little act does alot!

5. Be mindful of the world around you

Be mindful of other organisms and the environment. Don’t uproot little plants you see growing, and try not to litter. Make sure you look at where you are walking, try not to destroy anything you see in nature. If you see garbage on the street you should pick it up and dispose of it! Be a good citizen!

Anyways, that is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Have you ever been to Yellowstone? How was it? Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out! I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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