Cuphead update! June 2022

made on 6-23-2022

Hey there! It’s me again and today I am back with another cuphead update! If you don’t know what cuphead is, it is a video game about a cup that owes his soul to the devil, and has to complete tasks like defeating bosses to not give the devil his soul! It is a pretty cool concept!

*DISCLAIMER: My sister mainly plays cuphead, I am not that good at it yet 🙂 ,these updates are about her accomplishments in cuphead*

My sister has not played cuphead in such a looooonnnnnggggggg time and started playing it again a few weeks ago. She reset all of her game data so she had to start all the way back from inkwell aisle 1! This gave her practice and she went to inkwell aisle 2 in 3 days!! Anyways, she is currently on inkwell aisle 2. I normally watch her as she plays cuphead and give her tips on what to do even though I am bad at cuphead 


This is what she has done so far in inkwell aisle 2:

  • Defeated Djimmi the great
  • Defeated Beppi the clown
  • Defeated Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Finished the 2 run n guns (Funfair fever and Funhouse Frazzle)
  • Mausoleum

All she has left to defeat are Grim Matchstick and Wally Warbles!! Both of which she is currently working on!

Look at these hilarious pictures I got of Wally warbles and Grim Matchstick

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