1 Month Into Summer Break!!

made on 6-30-2022

Hey there! Happy last day of june 2022!! Can you believe it’s already been 6 months since 2022 started! It has been fast!!! Well, it has also been more than a month into my summer break!!! So, here are some fun things I have done so far in 1 month of summer break!

Summer Break

Went to parties– This includes birthday and graduation parties!! They were all fun!

Made yummy drinks and food– Coffee, slushies, lemonade (specifically strawberry creamy lemonade!!!), brownies, biscuits, and pizza (yep I made pizza)!

Had good food and drinks– I went to this vietnamese place that I haven’t gone to in a long time! Starbucks(try the new pineappleDunkin, boba places, and a local coffee shop! I also went to this themed restaurant and another little shop that sold this indian food that was really good! I got to go to one of my favorite popsicle places and went to a fried chicken place!! Also, yesterday was my first time trying ramune! I got it at a store, if you don’t know what ramune is, it a this flavored japanese soda in which you get to pop this carbonated marble into! I had peach, my sister had strawberry. Honestly, it tastes like basic flavored soda, and it’s really fizzy, but I like the marble popping aspect of it, otherwise it tastes normal!

Spent time with friends and family– I got to meet up and have sleepovers with alot of my friends! I spent time playing with my grandparents and swimming with my grandma. I played with my dogs and sister. I have also been on calls with my friends!

Activities– I got to make stuff out of polymer clay, paint a sign, do some drawing, make an accessory(which is a surprise for now), I organized my closet, did alot or reading, and swam obviously, I also went grocery shopping with my dad and went to the library, and craft stores! Oh, and I learned cool swimming pool tricks like backflipping and jump diving (something I made up).

That is what I’ve been doing! Summer break has been good!! What have you been doing?

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