School Supplies!

made on 7-17-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! As school is approaching, today I am going to be talking about some of my favorite school supplies, let’s get into it!!

*this post is not sponsored, these are all my opinions

School Supplies

Pens- I really like pilot gel pens! Many schools require you to have blue, red, and black pen(s) + more if you want. These are gel pens, I know that alot of left handed people don’t like gel pens because they smudge when they write. For left handed people, maybe try ball point pens or felt tip pens. Anyways I really like this pack: Pilot G2 Pens

Folders– I really like having a pocket folder to put homework in, flyers, or something I am working on. I like five star’s pocket folders. I do not really like paper folders because they do not last that long and break easily. Five star’s plastic folder lasts for a really long time! Here it is: Folder

Pencil Pouch/ Case– I do not have one recommendation for this because there are just so many different types! Hard pencil cases, pencil pouches, flat ones, big ones, small ones, ringed ones, etc.. This really just depends on what/how much stuff you want to keep in your pencil pouch and they type you like! I do not recommend the cheap ones like this if you want to keep ALOT of stuff in your pencil pouch: pencil pouch. These pencil pouches are better for keeping a few items like maybe color pencils, or a few pencils, erasers, markers, not a whole load of stuff. These pencil pouches tear over time, in my experience, but it works for some people!

Pencils– For wooden pencils, I recommend Ticonderoga pencils! I have been using these for a long time, and they are great! For mechanical pencils I recommend Pentel, or Papermate clearpoint pencils! These are also great! You can find these at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more stores! I personally always switch between wooden and mechanical pencils. For state tests in my state, people are only allowed to use wooden number 2 pencils, that also goes for finals. Other than that, my teachers allow mechanical or wooden. I just switch whenever I feel like it 😛

Other– I definitely recommend White-out if your school allows it (I know some schools/teachers don’t like it), but if you write alot in pen, it is super handy to have! Mini stapler, I recommend the Swingline mini stapler, this just comes in handy sometimes, at least for me! Erasers, I recommend the Pentel High Polymer erasers, these erasers are really good!!

I MIGHT make a part 2!! Stay tuned!!

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