Summer This or That!

made on 7-19-2022

Hey there, it’s me again!! Today we are doing a summer this or that! Feel free to play along with me and write what you picked in the comments! Let’s get into it!

Summer this or that

Here are the link of the this or that: * I found this on google chrome*×1920×1920

Cool air or Poolside– I would rather be chilling by the pool, but cool air is always nice since it gets really sunny and hot where I live!

Roadtrips or Flights– I prefer flights, there is nothing wrong with roadtrips, but staying in a car for too long gets really boring. I could argue the same about planes, but I love going to the airport and walking around!

Popsicles or Ice cream- For me, ice cream is an all year round thing, popsicles just seem more summer-y! I do not have popsicles in the winter, so for the summer I pick popsicles!

Sunrise or Sunset– This is hard, but I would say sunset during summer, while I love the sunrise and blue skies and all, the sunset where I live, is REALLY pretty, ESPECIALLY in the summer!!

Bonfire or Barbeque- This is also super hard! I can’t pick.

Sunnies or Hat- I had to look up what sunnies are, they are a company that sells sunglasses/ shades/whatever you want to call them. I love sunglasses!!!! So obviously, I pick sunnies!

Watermelon or Pineapple– Pineapple!!!!! Definitely pineapple! I love pineapples!!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like pineapples are such a controversial fruit! So many people dislike them and so many people like them. I think part of the pineapple controversy is because of pineapples on pizza, I for one love it on pizza, but I know alot of people don’t. What is your opinion on pineapples?

Flip Flops or Bare feet- Flip flops, especially if I am outside, I can not imagine walking on the VERY hot sidewalk.

Lemonade or Sweet Tea- Lemonade!!!!! Lemonade all year round!!!

Mountains or Beach-Beach, definitely, beaches are very summer-y, mountains just seem like an all year round kind of thing to me!

That concludes this Summer This or That, Although, I do have another one up my sleeve! I will probably post that one on Thursday.

That is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out. I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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