Summer This or That pt. 2

made on 7-21-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! I am back with another summer this or that!  Feel free to play along with me and write what you picked in the comments! Let’s get into it!

Summer this or that

Here is the link of the this or that: * I found this on google chrome*

Beach or Lake- Beach definitely! I love the beach, the sand, the ocean, just the vibes at the beach!Fly

Picnic in the park or Backyard movie- It depends on the movie, but I think it would be cool to have a picnic in the park, as long as the weather is not too hot outside!

Card game or Read a Book– This is SUPER hard!! I am currently reading this really interesting book, and card games are fun and all, but this book is a page turner! So right now, I would pick read a book!

Popsicles or Ice cream- This question was in the last summer this or that, and I picked popsicles! Popsicles are just more summer-y to me, ice cream is all year round 😛

Fly a Kite or Jump in Puddles– Jump in puddles, obviously!!! I love jumping in puddles! Flying a kite is fun and all, but I would rather jump in some puddles!

Listen to the rain or spot a rainbow- Listen to the rain, I LOVE the sound of rain falling. I feel like rain in the summer is a treat!

That is it for the This or That, what would you pick? Answer in the comments! I have an important update to share with you all, so expect to hear from me either tomorrow or the day after.

That is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out. I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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