Last month of Summer Break!!

made on 7-31-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! My school starts very soon!!!!! AHH, summer break went by so quickly! Here is how my last month of summer break went:

I had so much fun in July!


I met up with alot of friends!– This also includes calls, because some were on vacation. I had dinners with some of them too!

I had a wonderful 4th of july– We played games, had a cookout, swam, and spent time together

I read alot of books + got some free books– I got the free books from the library (to keep forever!). I am proud of myself for reading!

Ate + drank alot of yummy stuff– Smore’s, Chick-fil-a, BBQ, Twice baked potatoes, Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, and another local coffee shop

Went swimming alot+ went to the beach!!!– I have not been to the beach in 2 years, mainly because the state I live in is not an “ocean” state, but we went somewhere (you all will find out later…MAYBE) that had a beach and I had alot of fun!

Went out a bunch– I went to aquariums, popsicle places, ice cream shops, stores, malls, other states, and national parks!

Spent time with family– We had some family visiting this month and I had so much fun with everyone!

Did some crafts– I painted this little wooden thing, a lion, on my face (hehe), made some pom poms out of yarn, and more!

Overall I have had such a fun month, and a fun summer in general. While I am sad that summer is ending, I am KIND of excited for school to start again. It takes a while to get back in the school groove 😛

How is your summer going? (if you are currently on summer break)

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