How My Week Has Been so Far

made on 8-11-2022

Hey there it’s me again! Today’s post is very random, it is how my week has been so far! Let’s get into it!

My week so far

School started recently, and now I am getting back into the old habit of school mornings. Last week I was still adjusting! School has been good! There were a lot of funny moments this week and it’s good to be back. Though sometimes I do wish I still had summer break!

Some teachers of mine are super fun and cool, but some are super boring and strict, it’s alright (they are just doing their job). I really liked my math teacher last year. He was THE BEST MATH TEACHER EVER. Sadly, I don’t have him this year, but it’s ok because I still say hi and talk to him when I can.

I have no idea what I am doing on the weekend, but hopefully I have a relaxing weekend! Weekends are so meaningful now that I am at school for the other 5 days of the week!

Also, I have some really sad news. I had this cute little cactus, but he died! I don’t even know why he died! I was watering him and giving him sunlight… You guys never got to meet him which is sad, but rest in peace. Yes I am referring to this plant as if it was a pet, plants deserve love too!

Side note: I went to a birthday party recently and one of the party favors was a starbucks giftcard!! I will definitely be spending that some time soon. I will probably tell you guys my thoughts on the drink I decide to get.

That is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!Thank you so much for reading this! Please like, subscribe (if you want to) and comment, I love hearing from you guys! Make sure to do my cupcakesandlemonadeform. This form will let me know what kind of posts you guys want to see in the future, and will help me out. I’ll catch you next time, Bye!!!

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