Apple Event 9-7-2022!

made on 9-10-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! I am back with an apple event recap post! Let’s get into it!

*I am not a tech expert and I will not be going in-depth like other websites do, this is mainly just my opinions! If you would like more details look up Apple Event September 2022 and you will find some other in-depth articles, or go to*

All my information and pictures are from:

  1. iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro

We were all expecting this. Honestly, in my opinion, it is basically like the 13 except the camera is wayy better. It has an all day battery life, some new safety features, and a great camera setup. Also, the notch is kind of circular! It will definitely take some getting used to for me!!

The 14 pro! This color is beautiful! from:
iPhone 14!

2. Reengineered Airpod Pros

They reengineered the airpods pro. It has better audio and noise cancellation now! It also has spacial audio and a six hour battery life.

It looks so cool!!

3. Apple watch ultra

They made this new apple watch SUPER durable. Great for sports, and outdoor activities. It is designed for athletes and is fine to be used in the water.

I love this band color!

4. Apple Watch Series 8

This is for regular people who may not be doing physical activity strenuously everyday. They made some improvements in the health and safety aspect of the watch.

5. Apple Watch SE

The new apple watch SE comes with alot of cool new case colors! It is great for anyone who wants an apple watch and does not necessarily care about everything that would be in a series 8.

6. Apple Fitness +

New updates to apple fitness. It will be available in fall and anyone who has an iphone can get a subscription!

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Which new product is your favorite from the release? Mine is definitely the new airpods!

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