How to try not to procrastinate!

made on 9-1-2022

Hey there it’s me again! I am back! Anyways, today I am here with some tips on how to avoid procrastination. Let’s get into it!

*I have recently been obsessed with Kevin G song from mean girls lol*


1. Put away ALL distractions.

Looking at a device or book instead of doing your work is VERY tempting! So, put it away!! This is super simple. Maybe, when you are better at doing your work and not putting it off until later, try keeping the distractions there to test your willpower!

2. Set goals

One way I like to not put work off, is set goals. Maybe something like, finish this worksheet by tomorrow. You can even give yourself a little reward like a bite of ice cream or an episode of your favorite show!

3. Remember being worse off in the short run makes you better off in the long run

If you decide to do your homework NOW instead of watching youtube, you can watch more youtube in the future and finish the homework off soon, so you don’t have to worry about it last minute.

Note: It is fine to procrastinate every once in a while because sometimes you just need to. But if I were you, I would not let it get to staying up until 3 am trying to finish your work because you were gaming with your friends 😛

Those are some tips that I use that help me! What do you guys do to avoid procrastination?

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